May 5, 2013

Update for Spring 2013 Rafting Season

The White Water Rafting season in California has officially started and we are currently running rafting trips on The South Fork American River and The Middle Fork American River. 

We are sad to say that The North Fork Season came and went with only a couple of days of good runnable flows. The Snow pack in the North Fork Drainage was just not enough to sustain a good rafting season this year.  It is a free flowing river, and is 100% dependent on the snow melt. 

Photo of a California River Adventures Raft entering the Class IV Bogus Thunder Rapid on the North Fork American River.

On the other hand, the flow of The South and Middle Forks of the American River are controlled by a series of hydro-power dams located upstream.  These dams store the water and release it throughout the entire summer season.  This is how we have steady and consistent water to raft on all summer and into the fall.

New this year, is a select lineup of private/custom trips.  These are great for a group of 8 or 12, or any party that does not want to be mixed in with other groups.  In other words, you can now purchase the trip by the boat...  Even if you don't fill it. 

Start planning your trip today... We'll see you soon!

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Feb 7, 2012

Winter 2012... Where are you?

Winter is among us, although when looking outside, you wouldn't know it.  The nor-cal weather seems to be averaging in the mid 60's and sunny.  Well... Sometimes it snows early in the season, sometimes it snows late.  Either way, the question I keep getting asked is, "How is this going to impact the summer rafting season coming up?". 

The good news is that The South Fork and Middle Fork Americans have hydropower dams upstream that provide great flows all summer long.  A likely impact is that we may not have South Fork Water on Wednesdays.  However, we will know more as the season progresses.  We are expecting a great fishing season this year,and if we are able to escape months of high water, the trout fishing season could go uninterrupted,  from April to November.  The North Fork American River is a free flowing river.  If our winter continues in the same dry pattern that we have been experiencing, this season will be shorter than last.

But don't give up hope for some more powder turns on the slopes that will give way to incredible whitewater down in the canyons.  "Winter isn't over until it snows on the Dogwoods." and "April showers bring May flowers.